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  • Loft Finance launches

    The crowdfunding guide is currently proposed (in French) to entrepreneurs and is white labelled to partner crowdfunding platforms

  • 2012 for the Finance Planet : did it really miss the end of the World ?

    A look back at 2012 by Loft Solutions : Changes, Defeats & Hopes for the Financial World (as we know it)

  • Finance Expertise & Innovations

    We provide you a creative and experienced team for managing projects in financial services.

    Our team is there to help and achieve tangible results.

    Discover the team

  • Loft Finance supports the European Crowdfunding Network

    With the aim of creating a favourable european framework for Crowdfunding, this independent & not-for-profit initiative will shortly launch with several platform operators, companies and international associations.

    Join here
  • Loft Finance delivers Solvency 2 Reporting & Analytics

    As an insurer, the first regulatory Reporting for Solvency 2 will need to be posted in early 2013.

    We deliver projects to help you meet this deadline.

  • Finance 2.0 Book roadshow (Video)

    Loft Finance release the video replay from the 2011 Oct. 25th live event.

    The event gathered book authors and innovations experts. Topics covered Innovation in Banking, as well as P2P finance & crowdfunding.

  • US : The US Senate passes favourable amendment for Crowdfunding

    The legislation allows businesses to use crowdfunding to sell unregistered securities...

  • Client valuation in Investment management

    Along with JUMP Informatique, Loft Finance has presented its client valuation analytics and demonstrated usage for optimising the company value through strategic client operations.


Process Optimisation

Optimising process and models for better performance and efficiency

Process analysis, data analysis and financial modelling services.

Finance 2.0

Delivering Finance expertise to new players & developing online banking operations

Business model definition & market research, online finance benchmarks, data analysis and modelling services.

Investment Management

Enhancing investment management & client experience

Regulatory compliance, new technologies integration, front office activities & product development.

Web Services

Creating new online tools for a wide range of financial applications modules

Calculation applications, financial models, management analysis, optimization analysis, regulatory updates and custom made modules.

Company News

  • Crowdfunding for Heritage finance – France Ministry of Culture (Video) Crowdfunding for Heritage finance – France Ministry of Culture (Video)
    Crowdfunding Session – Including Lionel Slusny from Loft Solutions Table-ronde 5 – Les entretiens du mécénat par culture-gouv Clôture de Jean Jacques Aillagon par culture-gouv
  • Solvay Brussels School & Loft Solutions : Crowdfunding Conference (Brussels) Solvay Brussels School & Loft Solutions : Crowdfunding Conference (Brussels)
    Loft Solutions co-sponsors (with Sage) the first conference on Crowdfunding organized by a Business School in Belgium on the 13.12.2013. Jean-Luc Surquin, Loft Solutions Partner in Brussels, presents the overarching situation regarding regulation in Belgium and in Europe… not very structured at the moment.  Introduction par Xavier Corman, Responsoris & Edebex   Jean-Luc Surquin at Solvay Brussels School on 13.12.2012, [...]